Which food is your favorite to eat in Canada?

Fast food, pizzas, burgers, chips and french fries are all staples for Canadians, but one food is definitely on everyone’s radar — the deli sandwich.It’s also considered the ultimate snack, especially in the United States.Here’s what we know about Canada’s most popular fast food menu.Deli sandwiches are staples in many Canadian cities, with locations like […]

How to make your own spanish-inspired Mexican food

Spanish-style tacos are a staple of many Mexican restaurants.These are also a staple in American cuisine, but how can you make them in your own kitchen?Here’s how.1.You’ll need a lot of tortillas.Tortillas can be pricey in the US, but in Mexico, they’re cheaper than the average supermarket bag.So, you’ll need to buy a lot more […]

Which food is the most delicious?

The Times Of India, the leading English-language English-medium news site, has compiled the most exquisite and delicious food out there.It lists the best and worst dishes from across the world, along with their calorie count.Here’s a look at the top five:Food, in the order of its calorie countFood Calories (kcal)1 Rice 1628.6Kc2 Potatoes 1636.9Kc3 Diced […]