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How to make your own spanish-inspired Mexican food

Spanish-style tacos are a staple of many Mexican restaurants.These are also a staple in American cuisine, but how can you make them in your own kitchen?Here’s how.1.You’ll need a lot of tortillas.Tortillas can be pricey in the US, but in Mexico, they’re cheaper than the average supermarket bag.So, you’ll need to buy a lot more […]

How to eat delicious food at home

In a time of austerity, the notion of dining out to enjoy delicious food seems almost quaint.Yet when it comes to dining out, a good meal can be a major source of income.The World Economic Forum reports that restaurants are among the top sources of income for many people.It says the average income for a […]

How to make the best cake at home

When it comes to desserts, making the perfect cake at your own home can be a challenge.We’re talking about things like icing, the butter, and the cream that are essential ingredients to a successful cake.But for many, a little help from your family or friends can go a long way.We’ve broken down the four steps […]

How to order pizza in the US

A little-known rule of the pizza world, the US Pizza Association says that you should always use your own knife to slice the pizza, as opposed to using a pizza cutter.This is true even if it’s not the most convenient way to slice pizza, because the blade that slices pizza has to be sharpened by […]

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