The creators of Delicious Food, a podcast dedicated to all things tasty, are making an exciting announcement about their first full-length album, the follow-up to their smash-hit 2013 debut.

It’s called Delicious Food and it’s coming out May 2.

We caught up with the guys over the phone to talk about how Delicious Food came to be, how they feel about the idea of their being in the same space as a video game, and what they’re hoping to achieve with their next release.

We’re super excited about this album.

We have such a strong record library of music that we can’t wait to dive into this new direction, so we can keep adding to it.

Delicious Food is the best album of music we’ve ever made, and we’ve always said we’re not just releasing the best music we can, we’re releasing the absolute best music.

The album is so cohesive.

We’ve got all these songs that really stand on their own, and it feels like you’re listening to a cohesive record that spans the whole of music.

I mean, that’s the kind of music you want to hear on your birthday party, not on your commute to work.

It’s such a special album.

I think we’ve kind of been working on it for so long that we haven’t really realized what the album is all about yet.

I know that we’ve been working with our engineers, but I think the album will be our biggest album to date.

It has a really tight feel.

We’re really excited about it.

I would say we’ve never had an album with this much sound, so it will be a really good album for us.

We really want it to be as good as the music itself, so this is really important to us.

We want it really to be the most fun album of our lives.

We’ll never go back to albums where we listen to this album, because we’re the ones who created the album.

This is so exciting for us and so exciting to play on stage.

It will be super fun to play with a bunch of other musicians that we know and love, and the people that we’re working with on this album are really fun to work with.

We want to make something that we want to play and love on stage, and this is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Delicious is so diverse, but the album sounds like it will reflect that.

It is our dream to make an album that is more accessible than anything else.

We know that there’s a ton of music out there, and there are tons of people making really good music, and Delicious is a great place to be.

There are so many different styles, but Delicious is really a cross-section of those styles.

I want to take it to a whole new level.

We love to do our own thing, and so far we’ve really enjoyed playing with some of our friends from the video game world.

We think Delicious is going to be a blast.

We love working with so many people.

We also love working in different studios, so Delicious is always changing and evolving.

We’d love to have some of the other members of the band as collaborators, and they are all super talented.

There’s a lot of great musicians around, and a lot people that are really talented.

We just want to create a really fun, exciting, and memorable album, and I can’t think of anything better than that.

This is a very big milestone for us, but it’s also our first album with all the people we’ve worked with.

Our whole process has been really collaborative.

I guess that’s one of the reasons we’re excited about Delicious Food.

I’m really excited that we had this kind of team, and that we were able to bring the best of all our musical influences together and create something that is just super cool.

We are so excited to work on this.

We are so happy.

We hope you enjoy Delicious Food as much as we did making it.

I know you guys love making music.

It feels like a good time to be making music, but are there any other bands that you’d like to collaborate with?

There are so, so many bands out there that are super talented and we’re just really excited to collaborate.

The fact that we are working with some awesome people is just great.

I just want them to know that Delicious is something they can be proud of.

We were inspired by the band Red Velvet, and those guys really put out really cool music, which is really cool to see.

We would love to work more with other artists.

It would be awesome to work alongside some really talented people, like you mentioned.

It is such a great collaboration.

We’d love it!

Delicious Food will be available at the Apple Store on May 2, with a limited edition edition deluxe edition.