Deli, The Food Truck (DETROIT: Deli) is a food truck in Detroit that sells food from its own trucks, along with items from its partners.

The food truck has been around for about a year and has grown into a destination that is more than just a stop on a trip, according to founder and owner Alex Jannas.

The food truck started with Jannos brother as a hobby, and now he’s been selling his food at his house since the truck started.

He says that food has always been in the back of his mind as he’s had a passion for food since he was a kid, so when the idea for Deli first came up, it was a natural progression for the family.

“I think it was the idea of me and my brother working together that got us to this point,” Janns said.

“I think food is a big part of the fabric of this community, and we love to serve delicious food and food trucks are part of that fabric.”

Deli has been serving food for the past two years, and it’s now a staple at many community events.

Jannes says it was only a matter of time before food trucks started showing up at the community events they hosted.

“We’re not a restaurant, but we’re kind of like a food market.

We’re kind and welcoming and we have a food hall,” Jannias said.

The idea of food trucks and food markets in a community came about after he saw a lot of food truck photos online and thought, ‘What if we did something that was a little bit different?’

“Jannas said that the food truck concept was born when he realized how the community has embraced food.”

My brother and I started thinking about how we could really give back to our community by doing food,” Jannaas said, “and we thought we could help the community, not only by giving back food, but also through being able to bring the community together to do things.

“The concept of food markets and food events is something we’re trying to bring to Detroit,” he said.

Food trucks are a popular choice for events like festivals, as well as other community gatherings.

Janns and his brothers have started selling food trucks at other community events, including at Detroit’s Downtown Detroit Food Market, which is now a popular stop for food trucks.

He said the business has grown to about 20 trucks and has a total of over 200 people participating in food truck events.

“Our community is so diverse, so we’ve found a way to connect with people that aren’t necessarily a foodie type,” Jannis said.

Deli’s food is sold in six flavors, and Jann aspires to make his truck a staple.

He plans to have more trucks open throughout the city by the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be food trucks in the area.

Janni says they will keep serving food until there’s a way for the community to enjoy it.

“If it’s not a local restaurant, it’s going to be a local food truck,” he explained.

“If it is a local truck, we’ll have a local, local restaurant that serves food that we sell at.”