Delicious Mexican food trucks are coming to the Brisbane CBD.

Food trucks are an integral part of the local dining scene and are proving to be a popular alternative to the traditional Mexican restaurants that have traditionally been the centre of the city’s dining scene.

Food Truck Adelaide’s new concept restaurant will be in the area of Beechdale, just south of the CBD.

The concept restaurant at Delicious Mexico is a Mexican themed food truck that will offer dishes such as a taco de chorizo with jalapeños, choritas and cactus, as well as a fresh taco salad.

Delicious Mexico will be located in the corner of Beechesdale Road and Wollongong Road, near Wollongs Head.

Food Trucks are also being introduced to the area around the CBD by the city council.

They have also been welcomed by residents and businesses to create an exciting dining and dining-out environment.

A spokeswoman for the Brisbane City Council said the concept was inspired by the Mexican food culture, and was based on the city centre’s culinary scene.

She said: “Our city centre food truck concept is designed to showcase local, sustainable food and a range of Mexican dishes that have been embraced by Brisbane’s dining community.”

It’s part of a vibrant and vibrant cultural and food scene that celebrates diversity and provides an opportunity for everyone to experience our vibrant city centre dining scene.

“Delicious Mexica will be open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm, and on weekends from 10am to 3pm.

Food truck Adelaide is part of Food Trucks Queensland.