The country’s president is under fire after he said he is proud to be a “dirty” president, and accused his detractors of not paying attention to what he says about Mexico.

Trump, who was sworn in Thursday, told reporters that he is “truly proud of my country” and is “proud to say that we have a country that’s really made its own history.”

He also noted that the United States is “the number one country on earth” and that Mexico “has been treated unfairly.”

“So many people in this country are not listening to what I’m saying,” Trump said.

“They’re not paying enough attention to my words.

They’re not listening because they’re afraid of me.”

The United States, he added, is “one of the great countries on earth.”

Mexico is in a state of emergency, and its public schools are closed, as the country grapples with a massive migrant crisis.

The president said he will hold a “state of emergency” on Monday and that the emergency will be for a day.

“We have to be ready for the worst case scenario,” Trump told reporters.

But the country’s opposition to his presidency has been widely criticized.

In Mexico, Trump has faced criticism for his anti-immigrant rhetoric, including calling Mexicans rapists and criminals.

Mexico’s ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) said in a statement that “Trump has no right to claim to be the leader of the nation when he is himself a murderer.”

The party said the comments “are not only shameful, they are disgusting and cruel.”

In the wake of the criticism, Mexico’s National Electoral Council has announced that the country will hold its national vote on May 19.