Food magazine, a popular source of information about food, is recommending pizza from an oven over a microwave, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The magazine published the recommendation in an article that has gone viral since it was posted Tuesday.

The report quotes an employee at the magazine’s online store, who said the magazine had recently decided to reduce the number of microwaves in its stores.

The employee said the decision was prompted by customers asking for “better” pizza, and the magazine said it wanted to “improve the taste” of its products.

The recommendation comes as the number in restaurants of pizza from a microwave is rising, according.

“It’s not necessarily the same pizza, but it’s still pizza,” said Mark Cancino, president of the American Cheese Institute.

“If it’s better, customers will order it, because it’s fresh and tasty.”

Cancinos’ organization, which represents about 10,000 pizza makers, also says that consumers should be encouraged to buy pizza in the microwave rather than a oven, especially when it comes to pizza crust.