Indian food truck ‘Food Famous’ is set to launch its first Delhi location in a month.

The food truck will bring its own unique culinary taste and flavors to the city’s food scene and provide a fresh and affordable alternative to the chains.

The team behind Food Famous plans to bring its food trucks to every Indian neighbourhood in Delhi and to cater to all the palates of the residents.

“We are working towards making Delhi the food capital of India, and we want to give people an alternative to eating the traditional Indian food of curries, curries made with tamarind, patties and rice,” said Anupam Kumar, founder and CEO of Food Famous.

He added that the new location will offer the same flavours and flavors of the Indian food but will offer a more affordable price tag.

“I hope we can be a major force in making Delhi more affordable,” Kumar said.

The Food Famous team has worked on its concept for about a year and plans to roll out the concept to more than 100 locations across the city in a bid to raise awareness about the food truck.

The company has already set up two other locations in Mumbai and Chennai.

Food Famous also plans to expand its Delhi franchise in the coming months.