The best Mexican restaurant in America may not have a fancy decor, but it has some of the best food in town.

The best tacos, burritos, burrito bowls and tacos al pastor in America are made from scratch.

The best tacos in America, on the other hand, come from restaurants that have been in business for a while.

Here are some of our favorite Mexican restaurants and what you should know about them:Salsa de Amor (or Salsa El Amor) is the name of the most popular taco restaurant in town, serving the tacos as well as other Mexican dishes like tortillas, quesadillas, burros and tortilla chips.

It’s one of the few Mexican-American restaurants in New York City, but you can’t get any other taco restaurant.

Taco al Pastor (or Tampas de Amores) is another popular taco spot, serving tacos made with fresh corn, pinto beans, cabbage, red onion, lettuce and avocado, along with a variety of fillings.

It serves tacos en Tex-Mex style, with a Mexican flair.

Tacos de Amoros in New Jersey. 

Courtesy of Taco BellThe best burrito in America is made from fresh corn tortillas and corn tortilla chip.

Totales de Amaro (or Totas de Abras) is a Mexican-inspired taco spot in Brooklyn.

It has a large selection of Mexican food and has become a favorite with locals.

It has been a favorite since it opened in the Bronx in 2014.

Salsa Amor in the East Village. 

via YelpTacoladas de Amarron is a popular Mexican-style taco restaurant that is popular in Queens.

It is known for its spicy salsa and corn tacos, as well its Mexican-influenced menu, which includes a variety burrito options.

Taquita Taco is another well-known Mexican-themed taco spot that is located in New Haven, Connecticut.

It also has a Mexican themed menu, as seen on its Instagram feed.

It also has some unique items for those who enjoy tacos in a Mexican way.