I was lucky enough to spend the first week of March with my brother-in-law and a few pals at Pinoy deluxe’s restaurant.

They were a couple of us who like to go to delis and eat the food.

I was not impressed.

My first impression of Pinoy’s deli was that it had a very pretentious, pretentious atmosphere and it didn’t really feel like it was a good place to enjoy Japanese food.

But as we got more familiar with the menu, it became a much better place to eat.

My brother- in-law was also a foodie, so he told us about the deli menu and we enjoyed it immensely.

Pinoy is also a great place to try Japanese cuisine and other Japanese foods from around the world. 

The menu includes various items like fried rice, miso soup, pork, beef and veal, sushi, crab, chicken, beef, eggplant, and more.

Pinoys deli is known for their deli sandwiches.

These sandwiches are usually a bit large and are filled with noodles and meat.

You can also get a vegetarian version, a tofu and tempeh sandwich, and a soy chicken and mushroom sandwich.

The deli can also have a seafood option as well. 

We ordered the Miso soup and the pork, which were both pretty good.

The Miso was a great choice, especially since it was super spicy.

The pork was a bit greasy, but I’m not too picky about my meat.

It’s not as oily as some of the other meat-based dishes we’ve tried.

The shrimp were good, but they didn’t have a ton of flavor.

They also didn’t taste fresh. 

While we weren’t satisfied, we had fun trying different dishes. 

I think my favorite part of the restaurant was the grilled cheese sandwich.

It was a very tasty meal. 

Pinoy delis sandwiches are typically served with a side of rice.

My friend also ordered the Pork sandwich. 

Pork is a great meat substitute, especially when you want a healthier option.

The Pork sandwich came with a salad, a side salad, and some fried rice.

It also comes with two slices of grilled cheese.

The fried rice was very good.

It had a light, crispy texture and was delicious. 

My favorite thing about the food was the spicy miso sauce. 

A spicy misos sauce is a good combination of spicy, sweet, and savory.

You will definitely get a lot of different kinds of miso.

I love the pork and miso, and I like to add a bit of soy sauce to it. 

Our friends also ordered sushi.

The most popular type of sushi was the Kobe sushi.

This is a sushi with the base of rice and is a bit spicy. 

Sushi is also known for its spicy fish sauce.

My friends also liked the fish salad.

They added some tuna salad to the fish.

The tuna was a little salty and I didn’t love it.

The side salad was good. 

Both my brother and I enjoyed the grilled chicken salad.

I liked the grilled fish salad, but my brother also liked it.

My favorite thing to order was the tempehh.

This was a chicken salad with tempehi sauce and a bit more soy sauce.

The tempehs are very popular in the Philippines. 

They are a very popular food in Asia and in Japan.

They are usually served with rice and a side dish.

The chicken was very tasty.

I thought the chicken was cooked perfectly. 

My brother also enjoyed the tofu and tofu soup.

I also like the chicken and tofu. 

Finally, I liked that the seafood was served with tempes.

The tofu was a tad salty, but that was ok for me. 

Overall, Pinoy Deli is a delicious place to grab a quick meal and try out some new food.

They have a wide variety of Japanese food to choose from and also serve a wide range of other foods. 

What is your favorite restaurant in Manila, Philippines?