You can make great soul food for your family, but you will need to be a bit careful.

Here’s how to make soul food from scratch.


The key to making soul food is patience.

If you try to make it all at once, you’ll end up with a mess.

So make sure you do your research first.

A recipe book is the best place to start.

There are many books about soul food on Amazon.


Try to keep it simple.

You won’t have all the ingredients you need, so be creative.

Look for the simplest ingredients possible.


A little cooking is a good thing.

Some recipes call for a little bit of cooking to make sure everything is cooking evenly.


Make sure your soul food has good taste.

Soul food is full of flavour, so make sure it’s cooked well.


Cook the soul food with lots of water.

This is essential to ensure a good flavour.

If it’s too dry, the soul will lose some of its flavour.


Cook your soul as it cooks.

If the soul has been left out too long, it will get dry and bland.

If left out for too long the flavour will be lost.


If your soul is really dry, you can put it in a blender.

It will blend together.

It is important to get rid of the air bubbles that form around the edges.

This helps keep the soul looking fresh.


Take the soul into the kitchen.

It needs to be placed in a dish with some good ventilation.

The air will help the soul stay moist and flavourful.


When you are ready to serve, add the soul to the dish.


The next time you have the soul in your mouth, take a moment to savour the flavour.

The soul will be back in your tummy, and the flavour may not be the same, but it’s still delicious.


You can even make it into a salad, or a bowl of soup.

This would make it perfect for breakfast.


The food is a combination of flavours and textures.

It tastes great in a bowl, or on a plate.

This makes it perfect to take to work, school or even a family dinner.


Make your soul into a delicious soup.

The soup has all the flavour of soul food, but without the dryness.


It’s also a great appetiser.

Serve the soup alongside the soul.

It makes a great side dish, or to eat with the family.


You might also enjoy making soups with the soul for a special occasion.

It has a very rich flavour, and it is very easy to make.

Here are some recipes that are sure to please.

The recipe from the book Food for the Soul is perfect for an evening meal.