A little less than a week ago, a new study by Cornell University found that even a small amount of vegan chocolate consumption can have a significant impact on the health of our planet.

This study was published in the journal Nature Communications and involved more than 60,000 people who participated in a four-year, randomized controlled trial.

This research has been very interesting to me because it is not an “all or nothing” type of study.

As we’ve said before, it is about trying to make healthy choices that lead to a positive impact on our planet and ourselves.

I hope you can enjoy this video on vegan chocolate, too.

If you’ve been following along on our vegan diet, you know that we are not a fan of the chocolate-loving dairy industry.

They’re also not the only ones.

The dairy industry produces the most toxic chemicals known to man, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and yet they are the only industry in America that is able to sell their products.

In fact, the industry sells more milk than any other type of dairy product and is the biggest producer of dairy products in the U