Spanish-style tacos are a staple of many Mexican restaurants.

These are also a staple in American cuisine, but how can you make them in your own kitchen?

Here’s how.


You’ll need a lot of tortillas.

Tortillas can be pricey in the US, but in Mexico, they’re cheaper than the average supermarket bag.

So, you’ll need to buy a lot more tortillas than you usually would.

(Photo: Courtesy of T-Pain) 2.

You can buy tortillas online.

T-Bone Mexican Grill has been selling tacos for a decade.

You may not be familiar with T-bone, but it’s a popular Mexican restaurant chain in the heart of New York City.

It sells tacos in a number of sizes, and they can be as large as two to four tortillas, depending on the size of your tortillas and how big they are.

(T-Bone sells tacos for $4.50 a pop, or $7.99 for a medium tortilla, which is just about double what you’ll pay at most Mexican restaurants.)

You can also find smaller sizes at other Mexican restaurants, but T-bones tacos are usually the best.

(The best tortillas are typically around $2 to $3 a dozen.)


You need a blender.

If you’re using an electric blender, you can use this recipe for a few different recipes.

You might want to buy an immersion blender instead.

If not, you could always buy one online.

If that’s not possible, try a food processor.


You’re going to need a bunch of tortilla shells.

If your tortilla is a little too large, you might want a different kind of tortillo, such as one with a smaller amount of liquid.

A medium-sized tortilla might be enough to make two dozen tacos.

(This recipe makes about 2,200 tortillas.)


You could use your favorite salsa recipe.

You won’t have to buy any salsa ingredients, but you might be able to use a salsa recipe to give your tacos a Mexican flavor.

Here are some suggestions.

1) Mexican chile salsa: This salsa is often made with a blend of cilantro, lime, lime juice, and a little bit of agave nectar.

(Try to keep the agave neutral.)

It’s a nice blend of freshness and complexity.

2) Salsa from the local farmers market: This recipe makes up for some of the cost by using local produce from the community.

It’s good for a quick dinner on the go, or as a snack.

3) Mexican corn salsa: You can substitute any of these for the homemade corn salsa you can find at the farmers market.

You don’t need to use much corn, but some people like it more than others.

It gives a nice crunch and is a great change from a standard Mexican salsa.

4) Mexican onion soup: If you can get your hands on Mexican onion, this recipe makes a wonderful, hearty soup.

(Just make sure you’re not using a lot.)

5) Spicy enchilada sauce: The combination of spices in this recipe gives a great kick to your tacos.

This recipe is an easy one to make.

(Make sure your enchils are not spicy.)


You want to use tortillas that are sturdy enough to withstand the tortilla shell’s weight.

This should be an issue if you’re cooking a lot.

(Tip: Use a food mill to cut tortillas from the shell.)


You should make sure your tortillas are dry.

If they’re dry, the liquid in the salsa can become a bit too salty and can make them difficult to eat.

(If you don’t want to make any changes to your tortilas, try to leave them slightly damp.)


You will need a tortilla cutter.

If buying a cheap plastic tortilla knife from the grocery store, you may want to go for a kitchen knife instead.

The cheapest kitchen knives can be up to $60.

(For more tips on how to make tortillas for a good tasting dinner, check out this guide.)


You must cut the tortillas into thin strips.

If the tortilla is too large for your knife, you should cut it into smaller pieces.

You just want to leave a little room to cut the smaller pieces, so you don.t have to slice through the entire tortilla.


If tortillas aren’t too thick, you will need to coat them with some oil.

If it’s too thin, you won’t be able hold the tortoises together.

(Check out this tip.)


You have to be careful not to overcook the tortilleras.

If these tortillas get too brown, you’re going for a mistake.

You probably won’t need the oil.

But, if they get too crispy, you