The Iranian government has launched a campaign to reduce the price of basic foodstuffs in an effort to boost tourism and save money, a report said Tuesday.

In an interview with the semi-official Fars news agency, Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Nourizadeh said Tehran’s government would make every effort to bring down the cost of basic goods.

The ministry has been pushing for a reduction in the cost to consumers, especially those who have little to no income, he said, without providing details on the proposals.

Iran is one of the world’s largest food exporters.

It also enjoys a lucrative trade with Turkey, which has become one of its biggest trade partners.

Iran has been trying to reduce its reliance on Turkey, a key regional market, to boost its export capacity.

Last year, the Turkish government pledged to sell the country 1 billion euros ($1.05 billion) worth of basic products over the next two years, but it said the plan would only be possible if the Iranian government made concessions on other issues.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has also faced pressure to reduce consumption, particularly in the food-rich southern province of Qom, which is one step away from being one of Iran’s poorest.

Qom, where more than half of Iran is concentrated, has been hit by rising prices of food and fuel.

The Iranian government wants to boost trade and increase the number of jobs created by opening up the province, which it claims as part of the Islamic Republic.