The restaurant owner of the eatery that was hit by a car in South Dakota on Friday night says she doesn’t think she would eat the food again.

The incident happened near the intersection of I-90 and Highway 17 near the town of Rosebud in South Dakotas state.

Police say they received a report of a crash involving a vehicle on the highway.

They found a female driver who was trapped on the side of the road.

The woman was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries.

She is now in stable condition, the Rosebuds police chief said.

The driver of the car is not believed to be a suspect, police said.

The owner of The Tiki Shack told NBC News that the owner and her son were working the night shift.

The owner said she had a couple of hours off work on Saturday morning when the incident happened.

She said the family had already eaten dinner and had to go back to work.

The Tiki shack has been in business since 2010 and serves up a variety of foods and drinks.

The restaurant said it’s always been a family business and had no problem working with the police and the authorities in the days after the crash.

The Rosebudd Police Department posted on its Facebook page that it is aware of the accident and is investigating.

It did not immediately provide additional details about the crash or the driver.