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5 Reasons to Avoid the Paleo Diet

I have heard it said that a Paleo diet is better for you than a vegan diet, but that’s not true.I believe it’s because we can’t eat too many foods from the paleo diet, and those foods are high in fat, sugar, and protein.I know that the Paleo diet makes you fat.It also makes you […]

“A little bit of everything”: A few things to look out for when trying to find Jewish food

An array of delicious, healthy and nutritious Jewish food is available on the shelves of Israeli supermarkets.A number of them are kosher, but many more are not.The same applies to Jewish-owned businesses.The most popular brands include deli meats, baked goods, meats from the kosher slaughterhouse, vegetables, fish and seafood, baked beans, desserts, yogurt, yogurt bars […]