A foodie’s dream, a culinary treasure trove, a food truck, a gastronomic paradise and a perfect meal for the entire family.

In the midst of a foodie revolution, where restaurants are transforming themselves from tourist attractions into dining spots, we asked our readers to take the reigns for our culinary treasures.

Read on to see their top ten.1.

The Food Truck in Chicago (1,600 square feet)At first glance, the Food Truck seems like a typical tourist attraction: A collection of food trucks and other eateries selling fresh produce and fresh ingredients from around the country.

But this is a unique space.

This isn’t just another street food restaurant.

It’s an actual food truck.

There are a few hundred people working at the Truck, and the food is produced in-house.

The Truck has over 1,600 tables and a seating capacity of 300.2.

The Chicken Grill in San Francisco (2,000 square feet with an outdoor patio)There are so many restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area that you can’t help but get lost in their menus.

While this location in San Fran is a bit of a departure from the other options in the area, it’s not a bad option for a visit.

It features two tables and outdoor seating, along with a full bar and full bar staff.

It is located at Mission Bay and is open every day from 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., excluding Christmas Eve.3.

The Bar at The Beach in Newport Beach (2.5 million square feet, over 5,000 seats)If you are looking for a casual, relaxing, family-friendly experience, The Beach is for you.

Located in Newport Park, the Bar offers seating for 200 to 500 people, and is an option for all ages.4.

The Delicatessen in Brooklyn (3,000 sq. ft. with an indoor patio)Brooklyn has a very eclectic and diverse restaurant scene.

This is the perfect location to try out the best of the city and try a different food from around America.

While we don’t have the capacity of this spot to accommodate the crowds, we do have seating for 1,200 people.5.

The Dining Room in San Diego (3.4 million square ft.)

The Dining Rooms of San Diego are great places to start exploring food and beverage in the Bay Area.

This restaurant is located on the first floor of the Westin San Diego Bay City Center and offers more than 300 different dining options.6.

The Fish Market in Phoenix (3 million square foot)Phoenix has a wonderful dining scene, with many food options available, from street food to traditional Japanese and Korean restaurants.

With a beautiful location, the Fish Market offers food trucks to enjoy.

It also hosts an annual festival in which a small number of vendors are featured.7.

The Cafe in Denver (3 billion square feet of space)If your goal is to experience food as much as possible, you will find a great location to stop by at the Cafe.

This location is located in downtown Denver and offers a variety of food and beverages, from fresh produce to wines, to cocktails and beer.

It has an outdoor seating capacity up to 500, and offers several dining options, including tables and tables for up to 800.8.

The Steakhouse in New York City (3 trillion square feet )If you’re looking for an authentic New York restaurant experience, this is the place for you!

This is a place that is part of the Midtown District of New York and features a restaurant menu that includes both traditional and more recent foods.

The restaurant has a large outdoor seating area, and a large bar, complete with a live music stage.9.

The Kitchen at San Francisco’s Market (3 to 4 million square miles, over 4,000 restaurants)This list would not be complete without a mention of the best restaurants in San Franciscas Bay Area, and this list is definitely one of them.

The Market in San Bruno is one of the top restaurants in this list, as well as one of my favorite food destinations.

Located just outside of downtown San Francisco, the Market is located across the street from the Golden Gate Bridge and offers an expansive menu of delicious eats.10.

The Bistro at the Beach in San Mateo (3 and a half billion square ft)If a restaurant is just not for you, or you’re in a hurry, you can check out the Bistros Bistrot and the Bazaar Café, both located in the same area.

Both have a menu full of options, with the Barmaknagar Bistrars being one of their best choices.

The Beach offers a full service restaurant and has a dining room for up the 500 people who have been approved to eat there.