Australia has been in the news recently with the death of its longest serving president, but its food has also become a hot topic around the world.

The country’s top restaurant chain, the WA-based WAGA, has created a guidebook for its customers to make sure their food is on point.

Read moreRead moreWhat we know so farThe WAGAs latest food guide, titled WA Restaurant Guide 2016-17, features more than 500 different types of food, from Chinese dishes to Italian deli classics.

“We wanted to create a guide that really captures the best of WA, which we know people love,” said chef and WA-raised Australian Peter Balsam.

The guide is available in two formats: a standard food menu, or an “awu delicious” section.

In both formats, the restaurant serves up dishes in an order of preference.

In WA, the best dishes are listed first, and then the lesser-known and more accessible ones.

The menu is divided into categories like “awfu”, “delicacies”, “fresh food”, “bangs”, “gourmet food” and “restaurants”.

The most popular dishes are followed by “specialty dishes”, which are dishes that are not on the WAGAA menu, but are a WA staple like spaghetti with goat cheese, or the famous chicken and rice with fried fish.

The best-selling items in WA are the dishes that can only be found in the state.

“This guide is really the first step in getting the best WA food in front of people,” Balsams said.

“This guide will serve as a great guide to help you discover the best food in the world.”

Read moreWAGA chef Peter Balams, left, and WA Tourism WA chief executive Chris Ketter.

Source: WA TourismWAWhat you need to know about WA foodGuide to the best and worst WA restaurants in the country.

What you need not know about the food you buy.

Read the WA Restaurant Handbook 2016-2017.

How to book a restaurantIn the WA Guidebook, you’ll find tips for finding the best restaurant in the city.

There’s also an extensive list of recommended restaurants and restaurants by state and territory.

The WA Restaurant Association has been a supporter of WA Tourism since the late 1990s, helping to bring the state into the food-service sector.

It has also worked closely with WA Premier Colin Barnett to promote WA’s culinary heritage and provide better dining opportunities.

“We are extremely proud of the WA Tourism Partnership, which has been instrumental in supporting WA Tourism for over 30 years,” said WA Tourism SA CEO Richard Dees.

“It is vital that WA Tourism remains the leader in WA hospitality, with our food guide being the best guide to WA food.”

Read MoreWAGAs food guide includes:• A full list of WA restaurants and their menu items• The most recent results of a survey conducted by WA Restaurant Associations, WA’s largest independent restaurant association, which found WA ranked 10th nationally in the number of food trucks in WA• The list of popular restaurants in WA, ranked by the number they sell per capita and per restaurant• A list of the top WA food chains• A detailed guide to regional WA dining destinationsThe WA Restaurants Association is currently working with WA Tourism to ensure the WA Food Guide is the best available.”WAGAA is delighted to partner with WA Restaurant and Tourism to bring WA’s best food to the public,” said NSW Tourism WA Chief Executive Officer Chris Geddes.

“Our tourism industry is thriving and we need to ensure that all WA businesses have the tools to attract and retain visitors and grow our businesses.”

Read our WA tourism guide for the best deals and food in WA.