Egypt’s top five Egyptian dishes are all delicious, but there’s one that I find most surprising and interesting to explore.

The name “dessert” is Egyptian, so the dish comes from a dish called ēmǧa, which translates to “frosted desserts”.

As you might expect, this dish is quite a treat.

There are three basic ingredients:  a baked or steamed dough,  some fruit or nuts, and  something to decorate it.

For example, ēma ēb is a traditional dessert made from boiled rice with dried fruit and a small piece of coconut or peanut butter.

To make it, you simply bake or steam a baked dough.

It is usually baked in a pot with a lid that has been cracked open and a wooden spoon inserted into the centre.

Once you have baked it in a oven, it is then ēs a kind of custard.

In the past, Egyptians made ēa by mixing water, sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg into flour, baking it and adding milk.

This method has become a very popular way to make ēamǧas in Egypt, where you can find it in all kinds of cuisines from desserts to soups to desserts in desserts in dessert bars.

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