NHL players are participating in a new effort to help children with food insecurity.

The league announced Wednesday that it will donate $10,000 a game to organizations that help kids with nutritional needs.

The NHL has a food assistance program for its players.

The program provides meals to players in need.

“I know the NHLPA has been working on this and we have to make sure we get the resources that are necessary to help kids, and it is something that we feel strongly about,” NHL executive vice president John Collins said.

The $10 donation comes after the NHL spent nearly $10.6 million last season on food and nutrition, which was more than the $8.5 million spent by the league’s two largest players, the New York Islanders and the Los Angeles Kings.

That includes $4.6 billion to buy new food products and $3.3 billion to improve nutrition services for kids and families.

Collins said it’s a good idea for the NHL to do this.

“You can have some fun with this and make it really, really interesting,” Collins said of the donation.

“We feel like this is something fun that will really have a positive impact on our community.

This is a good opportunity to take the pressure off and put it on the players and help make their lives better.”

The NHLPA had been planning to donate the money to charities for kids in need since last season.

The league also announced Wednesday it will offer its first ever food drive on Nov. 3.

The goal is to give away food to needy children.

“This is a great opportunity for us to really do something that is going to make a difference in the lives of kids,” Collins told reporters Wednesday.

“This is really an opportunity for our players to get a chance to do something like this.”

The first food drive will be in New York City, where players will gather in Times Square to hand out food to children at the end of each game.

The first game of the season will be Nov. 4 at the Madison Square Garden in New Jersey.

The team’s food drives are designed to increase awareness of nutrition.

The Food Bank of New York and other organizations will use the money for programs aimed at improving nutrition and helping hungry kids.