The government is cracking down on food delivery services, with several of the country’s biggest food delivery companies facing criminal charges.

In an effort to fight the spread of a deadly coronavirus, authorities have launched a crackdown on companies like delivery service Deliveroo, which has operated in Colombia since 2013.

According to a recent investigation by the Associated Press, the companies’ drivers have been arrested, and dozens of other drivers have also been charged with drug trafficking, including three who were caught trying to smuggle drugs.

According a Reuters report, the authorities arrested an employee of Deliveroo on Wednesday.

The worker is accused of carrying over 1,500 pounds of cocaine and other narcotics, according to the report.

The AP reported that authorities seized nearly $2 million in cash and other valuables from the workers’ homes.

Deliveroo declined to comment on the charges, but the company has already faced scrutiny over the company’s ties to the Colombian government.

A federal judge last week ordered the company to be fined $300,000 for failing to report on its driver-partner relationship with the government.

In October, Colombian officials accused Deliveroo of running a criminal network that has sent thousands of people across the border into the country to work as “rescuer dogs” for the Colombian military.

According an Associated Press report, a number of the trucks have been seen carrying military personnel and civilians into Colombia illegally.

In May, Colombian authorities arrested three Deliveroo drivers and two employees for alleged drug trafficking and smuggling.

The government has been cracking down hard on the delivery services for years, but officials say the crackdown has become increasingly severe.

In November, authorities raided two Deliveroo trucks and arrested seven people, including two Deliveroos drivers and a delivery man.

Delivero did not immediately respond to a request for comment.