An article published in The Jerusalem Times on March 23, 2018, details the delicacies of Israel.

In addition to the most famous Israeli delicacy, there are many more.

Here are some of them.

For example, Israeli cooking is based on traditional dishes of pastel pink, and it is often referred to as “the pink of Israel”.

Pink is a popular color in Israel, which was first used in the 1950s to decorate the homes of Jews during the Holocaust.

There is also a pink cake, and a pink doughnut.

This is considered one of the countrys most important traditions.

A traditional Israeli cake, known as a tzitzit (pronounced tzee-TZEHS), is decorated with sweet or sour cream and a layer of cream cheese on top.

(Niran Leibovitz/For The Washington Post)Another popular dish is the red velvet cake.

In Israeli cuisine, a red velvet dessert is usually a mixture of chocolate, chocolate chips and other dark, rich and sweet ingredients, and is often made with the help of traditional ingredients.

The red velvet is one of Israels most popular desserts, as the chocolate chip cookie crust is made from a mixture known as “gherkin”.

(Nirs Almeida/For the Washington Post),Another popular dessert is the blueberry cheesecake, which is made of fresh blueberries and cream cheese and is traditionally served with a red sauce made from roasted almonds.

It is also known as the “green chocolate cheesecake”.

(Ahmad Obeid/For Israel’s Daily Star)Another Israeli dessert is a sweet and savory bread pudding.

It uses fresh breadcrumbs, cream cheese, a little lemon juice and a little sugar.

(Ahram News Agency)This is a simple and traditional Israeli dessert: a sweet bread pudding made of sweet potato starch with an extra layer of flour.

It has the consistency of cake batter.

(Maariv/AP)An easy Israeli dessert called “kosher kolob” is a mix of a chocolate and cream sauce.

(Mikael Auerbach/For AP)A traditional dessert called the red pepper pie is made with red pepper and mayonnaise.

(Hillel Cohen/For AFP/Getty Images)A dessert called a “kolob kol” is made by mixing red pepper sauce with mayonnaisse.

(Haaretz)Another traditional Israeli desserts is a kolotzah, a sweet-and-sour pie.

(Israel Hayom)A special Israeli dessert, called the “baked red apple”, is a mixture made from red peppers and brown sugar, and served with whipped cream.

(Bebeto Matthews/For PA Images)The red pepper cake, made from the skin of red pepper, is made in Israel.

(Ronen Zvulun/AP for the Washington)Another delicacy is the “blueberry cheesecake”.

(Ha’aretz)A popular Israeli dessert that is made at home with a combination of sugar, cream and eggs is the koloblok, which has a mixture like a muffin, topped with cream cheese.

(Tania Esposito/For Reuters)Another dessert called pita bread is a traditional Israeli bread made from fresh bread, white and yellow.

It can be made with or without cheese and usually with a crust made from cream cheese (often made from goat’s milk).

(Haftar Hashanov/AP/Reuters)Another classic Israeli dessert recipe is the lemon-and cream cheesecake.

It consists of a layer or layers of lemon curd, lemon juice, butter, cream, and sugar.

The crust can be topped with whipped-cream or cream cheese slices.

(Gili Cohen/Reuters/Yonhap)Another easy Israeli treat is the sweet and sour doughnut, made with brown sugar and brown flour.

The dough is usually made in a mixture similar to a pancake batter and topped with vanilla ice cream.

It comes with a thin layer of whipped cream or cream cheeses, or mayonnaises.

(Yossi Melnikov/For Associated Press)An Israeli dessert made with a doughnut made with white flour, with lemon curds, is called the gherkin.

It’s also known to be a popular dessert with Jews.

(Jerusalem Post/AFP/GettyImages)Another delicious Israeli dessert comes in the form of a sweet cream cheese pie.

This one has butter, a layer (or layers) of lemon cream cheese sauce, whipped cream and sugar, with an optional crust made of white flour.

(Sarit Michael/Reuters /Yonahalems)Another famous Israeli dessert makes use of the most delicious ingredient in Israel: sugar.

It takes the form: a slice of lemon-cheese pie with a layer made of sugar.

And there is a layer, too. (V