1 / 10 Mario Balotelli, Mario Balotaire and Mohamed Salah make the headlines, with the Italian internationals two of the stars of the season in the news.

What are the key changes?

There are few major changes in the lineup.

There is a slight increase in the number of wingers.

The addition of Alvaro Morata will be welcomed by the players, but the manager is not happy with the player’s performances and he is set to be dropped.

The only real change is the number five shirt, with a new design and a new name.

The shirt features the words “Football Italia” on the front, which has a more Italian feel to it.

The word “Football” is also on the back.

Here’s a look at what the new shirt looks like:Mario Balotellini, Mario, Balotella, Balotairo and Salah are all on the same wavelength, with their respective teams making the headlines on both sides of the pitch.