An estimated 1.2 billion people in the world eat food that is not Indian, according to the World Health Organisation.

There are some food traditions in the West that can’t be replicated here.

But some people in Britain have been known to order things they would normally order from India, according the BBC.

The food comes in flavours and toppings that would be out of the norm in India.

Some Indian restaurants have started offering dishes from their home countries, including gourmet cooking and Indian sweets.

One popular item on the menu is a “delicious Indian curry”, described as a curry made with rice, lentils, onions and chicken stock, which is often served with rice and vegetables.

A similar recipe can be found at Indian restaurants in the US.

Other Indian dishes, like ghee-fried rice or ghee cheese with butter, are served at Indian dining houses and cafes in the United States.

The BBC has also learned that Indian food is being served at some British Indian restaurants.

Indian-Americans are not the only ones trying to emulate Indian cuisine.

There are also some restaurants in Britain that are offering dishes that have never been available in India before, according a spokesperson for the British Indian Food and Wine Association.

The British Indian food industry has been growing since the 1980s, and there are currently around 150 Indian restaurants catering to British customers in the country.

Many of these restaurants offer a variety of dishes, from gourmet meals to traditional fare.

Some British Indian restaurant chains are known for their gourmet offerings, like Parma Bistro in Essex, which specialises in gourmet Indian cooking.

Other popular Indian restaurants include the Rajanayama in London, which has become one of the most popular Indian dining destinations in the city.

Many British Indian businesses have started catering to a wide range of customers.

One such chain, called the Indian Kitchen, is a traditional Indian restaurant that has been serving Indian cuisine for more than 100 years.

This restaurant has been making an effort to cater to different cuisines for the last decade.

The menu changes daily, but the Indian menu remains the same, according an owner, Shabnam.

“We do a lot of Indian cooking, but we also serve some British dishes, too,” Shabam told the BBC News website.

Shabam said that the Indian kitchen was a great place to find Indian food, and he and his wife would go to the kitchen for a meal or a dinner.

Shahrukh said the kitchen was always busy with customers, and that it was very welcoming.

“I think it is very nice to have someone come in, sit down and ask you questions about the food and about what you are cooking,” he said.

“It’s nice to meet people who are different from you and who are not from the same country as you, and have a conversation about their food.”