Thanksgiving is coming to Europe, and the food scene is in full swing, but which country is the best for eating delicious food?

It’s been a while since we covered the best dishes to eat during the holiday, but there are still a lot of great dishes out there that deserve your attention, whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other day.

Here are the top 10 countries for food, with the top ten foods to eat in each country, according to Food & Wine’s Top 10 lists:Delicious, a fast-casual restaurant chain in Spain, is on the list, followed by Italy’s Casa Delle Terme in Sicily and the British restaurant The Wood in London.

For our money, the best Thanksgiving meal of all is going to be the French version of the turkey soup with a bit of sweet potato salad, with sweet potato and cranberries, served with potatoes, peas, onions, and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes.

This is a pretty good choice for any family with children and an appetite for something hearty.

The best part is that you don’t need to make this at home, since you can buy it in a store, so you can have a meal for a family of four or even a dozen people.

This recipe will be good with the most basic meal of the day, or with dinner and a snack.

For the family with kids, a big group can eat this, plus the option to eat it on the side as a side dish.

For the kids, this is a great dinner, but it’s perfect for kids of all ages.

It’s a great idea to have this at the table for dinner, or to serve as a snack on a side.

For a full-on dinner with all of the dishes, or for a snack with a side, try the Italian turkey soup or the American version.

You can try it with a little sweet potato, cranberries and tomatoes, or without.

The best way to enjoy this Thanksgiving meal is in a group, with children ages 3 to 10, and no kids under 3.

It works best if you include all the dishes in a meal plan, and have a group of four people make dinner together.

The turkey soup will be excellent with the rest of the meal, and this will work well with any dessert or meal plan.

This recipe will make one turkey soup and a salad for a small group of eight people.

You’ll need one turkey with two sides, one turkey breast, one cranberry sauce, and one green salad.

If you have no leftovers, simply freeze them and eat them as a meal in the morning.

If you want to try it on a regular basis, you can make this recipe and freeze it.

Just follow the instructions on the package, and it will work as is.

If your family is large, this recipe will take two large people, but if you’re smaller or less, you’ll need to increase the amount of food.

The recipe will freeze well, but you can reheat it at home and reheat this Thanksgiving with a small party of four, as it freezes quickly.