RTE News reports that the RTE India food columnist Anil Kumar had a question for the world’s food journalists, asking them which food dish was the best, and why.

The questions were posed by a team of journalists, food editors, and food writers from around the world to a panel of more than 40.

In the end, the team voted, with food from all over the world on top of its best list.

The Indian food writers had a lot of choices to choose from, with a total of 13 categories.

However, a majority of the votes went to a new food category, ‘Delicious Indian Food’.

The panel members had to work hard to get all the votes for the new category.

The panel, which also included journalists, bloggers and food stylists, also had to get through an intense screening process.

This was not the first time food journalists were asked to choose the food that was best in the world.

In 2013, a group of food bloggers and writers from Britain were given the task to rank the best food in the country.

They were also asked to find out which food in India was best.

The final panel was made up of food writers and food editors from all across the country and their opinions were put to the test.

The results were revealed at the Indian Food Awards held in New Delhi last year, which was attended by the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, who was in attendance.