The Turkish Food Festival, known as the Ankara Beer Festival, takes place every year from August 7-10.

It is the countrys largest beer festival and attracts over a million people to the city of Ankara for the celebration.

Turkey’s capital is known for its iconic Beer Festival which was held on September 11, 2003 and featured more than 100 breweries, including a number of major breweries.

It also hosted a number a major festivals during the past decade, including the Ankara Wine Festival in 2008 and the Turkish Beer Festival in 2013.

The Ankara Beer festival has traditionally attracted over a thousand beer enthusiasts from across Turkey to its annual festival, which is held in the city.

The event is held to showcase the best of the local beer scene.

The festival is attended by tens of thousands of tourists from across the world.

There are more than 400 different beer breweries in Turkey.

The countrys biggest beer festival, the Ankara, Beer Festival has the largest number of breweries of any festival in Turkey with more than a thousand breweries.

The Ankara Beer Festivals beer festival is held every year in Istanbul and the surrounding area.

The venue is a huge arena that is lined with tents and stands.

The beer festival takes place from August to October.

It usually attracts thousands of people to see the best beer in the country.

The main festival is usually held on the night of August 7th.

The festival is one of the biggest beer festivals in Turkey and attracts hundreds of thousands to the capital.

The events is hosted in large venues and venues are usually packed.

The capital of Turkey, Istanbul, has one of Turkeys largest venues that houses several venues including the city’s main beer festival.

It is an international event and the largest beer event of the year in Turkey, which takes place in Ankara every year.

It was one of several events that took place in the capital of Istanbul on August 10-11, 2016.

It’s important to note that Turkey has been celebrating the anniversary of the Beer Festival every year since 2007.

There have been over 10 beer festivals and festivals held in Turkey since then.

The event is also attended by Turkish celebrities and artists.

The most popular festival for Turkish beer fans is the Turkey Beer Festival.