Food experts agree that the holidays have become a time for celebration, but there’s no question which foods taste best during this time of year.

In this exclusive Taste of the Holiday series, CBC News takes a look at the foods that taste best while cooking.

Food writer Andrew Wiebe said he likes the way some of the dishes taste during the holiday season.

“There’s not a lot of really traditional food,” he said.

“Some of the things that are more traditional in this time are like savory dishes that you would eat with a fork.

And then there’s really savory meals, like a fish and chips.”

He said some dishes like grilled cheese sandwiches and lasagna, which are traditional to Thanksgiving and Christmas, are becoming more popular.

“I think a lot more people are getting into those types of dishes, and those are some of my favorite ones,” he added.

“If I were in the kitchen I would definitely try to have a meal out with a few friends.”

He also recommends cooking out with friends.

“You’re trying to get everybody to cook out,” he explained.

“That’s the whole idea, and then maybe you just throw some stuff in there, and everyone’s happy.”

Andrew Wiebbe says he enjoys cooking out during the winter holidays.

(CBC)Wiebbbe said there’s always a lot going on at the restaurant, so it’s important to keep things light.

“When we’re cooking out we don’t get as much into the details of it, we just try to keep it simple,” he noted.

“We might have a whole menu of pasta, we might have three types of cheese, we have a bunch of appetizers.”

Wiebe also likes to have things like lasagna and fish and chip sandwiches on the table at all times.

“A lot of the fish and Chip sandwiches, you can put a few pieces of the lobster, you have your fish, you put it on the fish,” he laughed.

“Then it’s all the lobster on the salmon and the chicken.”

For the adventurous, there are some items that Wiebbbe likes to cook on the stovetop during the warmer months.

“Sometimes I’ll do my meatloaf with a little olive oil and a little salt and pepper,” he told CBC News.

“It’s not the same thing, but I do like it.

You just get the best flavor out of it.”

And if you have a big pan and a big pot, you just have to put some of that in there.

“Food writer and chef Andrew Wiedbe has enjoyed cooking out throughout the holidays.

He said he enjoys having some of his favorites on the menu during the colder months.

(Andrew Wiedbbe/CBC)The Food Writers Association of Canada says it’s not just for the holidays, but for other food groups, too.

The group says it supports food prepared by people who don’t have the time to cook.”

In the summer, when the temperatures are lower, there’s more opportunity for cooking out, and that’s where we see a lot less traditional dishes being cooked out,” said Kathy Fonseca, a spokesperson for the association.”

For example, we don�t see the seafood dishes that traditionally are prepared on the grill anymore.

“The association also says cooking out is a great opportunity to cook with people you don’t know.”

At dinner parties, people can make a meal together that they might not normally have access to,” FonSeca said.

Food writers are also looking forward to the holidays this year.”

It’s the most exciting time in the history of the food industry.”