If you’re feeling hungry at the moment, then try one of the many restaurants in the Mexican city of Tulum, which is located in southern Mexico, or the town of Las Rozas, which sits in the state of Guerrero.

While the Mexican food scene is booming, the food can still be quite bland and boring at times.

And the cuisine can vary a lot from town to town.

Read on to find out which of the various Mexican restaurants has got your taste for home.


Cucina Del Tequila (Tulum) This traditional Spanish restaurant has been around since the 17th century.

It serves authentic Spanish cuisine, including chorizo and guacamole.

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Carne Asada (Tuluca) This local chain of Mexican restaurants focuses on traditional dishes that are made with local ingredients.

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Tulum Taco (Las Rozas) Tulum is located about 70km north of Mexico City, and is a popular tourist destination.

This Mexican restaurant offers a mix of traditional and modern cuisine.

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Pancho Villa (Las Casas) This family-owned restaurant has long been the mainstay of the local community.

Located in the resort town of Tocopan, it has been serving traditional Mexican cuisine since the early 1900s.

It’s one of only two Mexican restaurants in Mexico that are open 24 hours a day.

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Lucha Mexicana (Tumac) Lucha México is a Mexican TV channel that focuses on the history of Mexican wrestling and the entertainment industry.

This channel has been broadcasting in Tulum since 1998.

Luchadores (a popular Mexican dessert) and pancho bibimbap are some of its signature dishes.


Cinco de Mayo (Tucson) This is a national holiday that commemorates the Spanish Conquest of Mexico.

During the day, people enjoy a variety of traditional dishes, such as tacos and burritos.

In the evening, locals will go to the bar to dance to music.

It is a good time to celebrate with your friends and family.


El Norte de Cacao (Tutu) This Mexican coffeehouse and coffee shop is located at the heart of the city.

It features a relaxed atmosphere with traditional and contemporary cuisines.

The menu features a wide range of coffees and teas.


El Tijuana (Toluca) Tijuana is a traditional Mexican city where many families live and work.

There are many places to find authentic Mexican food.

El Tequilas is a unique place that specializes in Mexican Cuisine.

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El Chavo (San Diego) The famous taco stand is located inside the iconic landmark San Diego Convention Center.

There is a variety on offer, from a traditional taco to Mexican-inspired dishes.

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Taco El Gordo (Tupac) This unique taco restaurant serves up delicious Mexican food and is located within the historic district of San Diego, known for its music, arts and cultural activities.

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Tuna Nachos (Las Cancas) Mexican food has always been an integral part of the Mexican culture.

Tumas has been providing a unique menu since its establishment in the 1930s.

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El Rey Tango (Tacos de San Marcos) Located in Tijuana’s famous San Marcos district, this Mexican restaurant serves the traditional tacos, tortas and burrito, while also offering a range of different dishes such as salsa, chicken, beef, pork and seafood.

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El Quiche (Totacalcos) The Tumacalco is a famous Mexican restaurant in Tumus, which also serves a wide variety of tacos, burritas, tacos de poblano and other Mexican dishes.

It also has a large selection of desserts and drinks, including a variety from ice cream to milkshakes.

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Tacos Tacos Taco Tacos is the most popular Mexican restaurant on Tulum.

It has a diverse menu, including burrita tacos, tandoori tacos, grilled chicken, grilled corn tortas