The Food Network star who became a cult favorite for cooking and sharing delicious meals for the whole family is back, but this time with her own brand of chocolate that can only be found in heaven.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is giving away a chocolate bar with a twist on the traditional recipe.

Alicia Keys will be giving away one lucky person a chocolate dessert bar at the Real Housewife of Atlanta dinner on Sept. 19 at the Four Seasons in Atlanta.

It will cost $22.49. 

The winner will have the chance to choose between two bars of chocolate, which are either vanilla or cocoa, and have an expiration date of Sept. 25, 2018.

A winner can use their bar for a three-day celebration of love, food, laughter, dancing, and more, with the possibility of a return date, if it’s not expired.

If the winner chooses the vanilla bar, they will receive a free dessert.

The chocolate bar will be available at a store in the Atlanta area that is located at the corner of Georgia and Interstate 75.

“My mom and dad are so excited to be sharing their love of chocolate with the community, and I’m so happy to be a part of it,” Keys said in a statement.

Her first big-screen appearance on the Real Lifewives franchise was last year’s season finale, in which she was spotted cooking a classic chocolate cake, complete with vanilla cream.

She also was seen preparing a delicious chocolate bar that she shared with her friends.

She and Bravo star Ashley Benson have appeared on several reality shows, including the Real Family series.

Her other Bravo show, The Real Life Housewives Of Atlanta, debuted in January, and she was recently seen on season five of the Bravo reality series, which premiered earlier this year.

Alicias Keys is a reality star.

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The winner will receive an invitation to the October 31 event.

The deadline to enter is Nov. 2.